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Paypal WPP and Paypal IPN Setup FAQ's Paypal WPP and Paypal IPN Setup FAQ's

2006-07-18 12:27

Known Problems that are are still outstanding: Known Problems that are are still outstanding:

  1. After adding JavaScript to a page and then re-editing, sometimes the code may not function correctly.Please delete the JavaScript and then add it back in.
  2. Paypal does not currently support Gift vouchers and Coupons. If you are planning to use these in your store and you use Paypal,  you will need to set the Paypal module Transaction Type = Aggregate
  3. Discount Coupons and Gift Vouchers cannot be used at the SAME time when using Paypal, Stormpay, and other possible "live" payment processing sites.
2005-07-12 00:16

Welcome Message Welcome Message

Welcome to the new FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions). We hope to develop this area of this site into a comprehensive resource containing solutions to most problems that users may encounter using our service. Please feel free to ask a question if you find it is not listed here.

Please note that the FAQ contains answers to questions of general interest. If you have a specific problem with your account then please open a support request trouble ticket. For privacy reasons,  we cannot solve any specific user account or store problems in the FAQ.


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