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Q.  Once a customer orders the product i'm selling , does the payment automatically go to my paypal account?

A.  When a customer completes the checkout process they are redirected to Paypal for Paypal IPN, which means they actually complete the payment on Paypal's website, then are re-directed back to your store.  Usually the order status is automatically updated to reflect the received payment.

You can then log into your Paypal account and should see the money in your account immediately if the customer chose to pay with a credit card, you may see a pending payment if the customer chose to pay with an Electronic Check which requires clearing through the ACH or Automated Clearing House.  This can sometimes take up to 7 days but it is usually sooner.  If you do not see the money in your Paypal account DO NOT send the product.  Sometimes internet hackers or Theives will send you an official looking email saying they paid you with Paypal, this will sometimes look as though it came from Paypal this type of attack is called Phishing.  Never click a link in the email always open your browser and navigate to to check the validity of the email.  If the funds are in your account great, ship the product.

If you click the links in the official looking email you may inadvertintly give out your sign on information without even knowing you did it.  Always be safe and follow safe internet practices to protect yourself and your customers.

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