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How do I use the gotlinks link exchange?

Please note: When entering the address of your store, please remove the www from the URL
Also, do not copy the php code to your store. This is already done for you.

First thing to do is to register at

After completing your registration, click on the “My sites” link and complete the details for your store.

Then click on the “Links Page” and make sure PHP is selected as the “Page Type”

Under option 5. Tell us where to find your links page: set this to your store name/partners.php
For example

Then make a note of your user key and then copy this in to your vstore Admin panel under
Configuration > Link exchange > User Key. Also make sure the “Display link exchange page” is set to True.

Now go back to the gotlinks page and then click on the Validate Links Page!

You will then see a confirmation screen to say your page was found.
If it fails, then you will see the following message:

“GotLinks cannot find your home page. Please check that your home page was indicated properly.”

If this happens, please check the “Links Page” and make sure the and the user key is correct in your vstore settings.

After validation, by default all of the gotlink customers will all be linking back to your store. Having so many links all in one go can be bad for your popularity ranking. So we would recommend you just link to one category for the time being. Pick the one that closely matches your store. Click on the “Edit Link Partners” button and then deny all of them except the category you have chosen to accept. Your screen should now look something like this:

Then click on your category and verify the links are suitable for your stores. Please remeber is a family friendly company. If the link is not suitable please deny it.

Then gradually add one to two more categories per month and slowly build up your links. This will help improve your popularity links and ultimately your ranking in the search engines.

To verify it works, open up your store url
and you will now see the Link Exchange page on your site. You will also see a new page called Partners created in the information section on your site.

Congratulation. You have now configured the Link Exchange module.


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Last update: 2005-06-08 10:31
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